Crawl Space Encapsulation in Sioux Falls

If you are in need of service, our Sioux Falls crawl space repair team is here to help. We will quickly evaluate the damage to your crawl space and come up with a solution. Our experts will then install a system using all different products that will prevent your home from any future damage. CLS will use dehumidifiers, stabilizers, and encapsulation systems that will get your crawl space fixed like new.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems

The process we use for repairs includes our Sioux Falls crawl space encapsulation system. For this procedure, we cover the dirt floors and walls with a vapor barrier that is extremely heavy in order to seal all vents in the crawl space. We completely close off your crawl space from any outside elements by also installing a secure door for entry.

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

The next step our Sioux Falls crawl space repair team takes after sealing and cleaning your crawl space is installing a dehumidifier. This is necessary to make certain the levels of humidity in the area are in control to prevent any mold growth. The dehumidifier will collect the moisture lingering in the air and discard it away from your home to keep your crawl space dry. By moderating the moisture in the crawl space, this will defend the wooden beams and joists that hold up your home from the growth of mildew and mold. 

crawl space stabilizer

Crawl Space Stabilizing Jacks

Are your floors sinking? The experts at CLS can take care of this problem for you. We will replace the old, wooden columns with a system of steel crawl space stabilizers and jacks. This new system will restore your floor to the proper level and will also put a stop to any future sinking.

Additional Services

Along with our Sioux Falls crawl space encapsulation system and repair services, CLS offers high quality foundation repair services, basement waterproofing, as well as concrete leveling for your home or business. 

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If you're experiencing any issues with your crawl space or notice damage, please do not wait! The experts at CLS will assess the area and provide professional solutions to repair your crawl space. Fill out the contact form or call our team to schedule your free inspection now!