Concrete Raising

Are you noticing cracks or gaps in the concrete of your home? As the soil gets wet from natural causes such as snow and rain, the soil will expand and contract, causing the concrete on top to shift. The moving of your concrete will create voids over time, ultimately creating gaps and cracks. All of this shifting can also begin to cause uneven flooring and slopes to form. Turn to CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for help. We provide Sioux Falls concrete lifting and raising for unlevel concrete in the area, giving you peace of mind that your home or building is safe.

foam jacking installed

Why is my concrete settling?

There is no straightforward answer, as there can be many reasons for the settling concrete, all potentially contributing. These reasons may include a large change in the soil’s moisture due to plumbing leaks, weather, or other causes. Another reason could be a long period of dry weather, causing the soil to dry out and contract without moisture.

Moisture Levels

Soil’s moisture levels can easily fluctuate over time, depending on certain factors. This could be due to poor drainage leading to an influx of saturation in the soil. The moisture brought on from this saturation will weaken the soil and the concrete will no longer be properly supported. On the other hand, if the soil does not have enough moisture the soil will contract and therefore shrink. In the long run, these issues can cause damage to the concrete sitting on top of the soil.

Improper Compaction

Soil must be properly compacted to its original density when the soil is removed and replaced. If this is improperly done, voids can form under the concrete placed above quickly. These formed voids will eventually cause cracking, due to the stress on the concrete slab.

Soil Shrinkage

Soil shrinkage can be caused by a hot and dry climate for a long period of time. This period when the soil dries out will form voids underneath the concrete. Then, the stress of the voids will eventually cause the concrete overlying the dry soil to crack.

Where does concrete need to be leveled?

Concrete may need to be lifted anywhere there is soil underneath the concrete. If you notice unlevel or cracked concrete, a potential need for concrete lifting, you should not risk the situation getting worse. The most common areas in homes and businesses that need our Sioux Falls concrete lifting services are:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Pool Decks
  • Patios
  • Garage Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Steps

Our Solution: Polyjacking

Instead of completely removing and replacing your sinking or cracked concrete, the best option is PolyRenewal.

During our Sioux Falls concrete leveling service, CLS uses a new solution to repair cracked or sinking concrete. We utilize polyurethane foam to lift the concrete slabs back into their correct position, this service is called PolyRenewal. Originally, mudjacking was used to do this procedure before this new process was perfected. Polyjacking has an advantage over mudjacking, due to the polyurethane foam expanding to fill the void, then hardening to place the concrete slab back to its original position for good. Polyjacking is a permanent solution, while mudjacking is not.

If you notice your concrete sinking or cracking, you may be in need of concrete leveling. Our Sioux Falls resurfacing contractors will take care of your home or business, call us today for a free estimate.