Push Pier Installation in Spencer

Here at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we offer comprehensive foundation repair and waterproofing services. We offer both push pier and helical pier systems to help address foundation settlement problems and repair basement walls in Spencer. Helical piers resemble large screws and push piers resemble large nails. Both types of foundation piers offer permanent foundation settlement solutions, but the type of pier that is selected depends on the structure and the unique foundation issues. Our team of basement wall repair experts in Spencer will be able to determine which type of foundation pier is right for your situation. We also offer free inspections to make sure you get the best foundation repair solution.

Push piers, which are sometimes called resistance piers or hydraulically driven piers, are steel piers that are pushed deep into the soil, thus the name. Each pier is driven into the soil until it reaches a layer that is load-bearing. Once the pier is in place, it can either begin to lift the building to help level it, or it can serve to reinforce the structure. Once all of the push piers are in place, the load on each of them is then redistributed evenly among all of them. This helps reduce the stress on each pier.

Push pier systems and helical pier systems can be used to achieve similar results, but their uses differ. Helical pier systems are better for lighter structures, while push piers work better for heavier loads. The soil composition will also influence which system makes the most sense for your needs, which is why we offer a free home inspection with every job we do.

If you are having foundation settlement problems or need basement wall repair in Spencer, CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is here to help. We offer a wide array of foundation repair services to help with any foundation problems you are experiencing. Get in touch with our team of Spencer push pier installation specialists today to schedule your free inspection.