Repairing Residential and Commercial Foundations in Lincoln

When it comes to your home, we understand that it is important for your foundation to be properly placed so that it will last. Sometimes however, it is necessary to hire an expert to fix the foundation that your house or building lies on. CLS offers the most trustworthy and efficient Lincoln foundation repair in the area. In fact, we have been recognized as one of the top installation companies in the United States.

Our Lincoln foundation repair professionals provide services with the highest quality products in the industry. CLS has a great partnership with SafeBasements as a Gold Standard Dealer, which means that we are able to use their top-tier line of products. They are one of the most trusted brands in foundation repair. 

We don’t just fall into a rhythm of foundation repairs either. At CLS, we continue to use educational tools and training to better ourselves and become more and more experienced. Get in touch with us when your foundation needs to be stabilized. 

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Foundation Piers

No two foundations are built exactly the same, so there are two different piers our experts use at CLS, depending on your home. The two types of piers we use on foundations in Lincoln are push piers and helical piers. Both kinds of foundation piers are meant to hold up the weight of your house and will also put a stop to any settlement or destruction that could occur in the future.

Push piers work the best in a soft soil and are applied once we establish that this soil is unlikely to ever have the capacity to fully support your home. Our Lincoln push piers installation team will insert them a few feet at a time until they reach the bedrock beneath the home. Once the push piers are in place, a fraction of the weight of your house will be lifted from the foundation and soil. We insert these push piers using a hydraulic press.

Helical piers have galvanized steel ends, matching the appearance of a large screw. These are screwed into the ground to help reinforce the weight of your home. Helical piers execute the same job as push piers, just do the job a different way. This type of foundation pier is exceptional because it does not have to be inserted as far down into the ground as push piers. Our expert Lincoln helical pier team will give your house the support it needs.

Bowing Basement Walls

When the walls in your basement begin to crack or are bowing inward, the walls may not be able to support the weight of your home anymore or resist hydrostatic pressure. This is a problem that should be resolved right away, before the problem gets worse and extensive damage occurs. CLS can take all of your concerns away and stabilize your basement by offering those in Lincoln bowed basement wall repair services. It is not worth risking a high level of damage to your home, call us now!

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