Sometimes, you will begin to notice the step to enter your driveway is getting larger, or cracks beginning to form. If this is the case, you may need to bring experts in. Get in touch with CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for our Lincoln driveway repair services. Over time, the soil under your driveway begins to shrink and expand, depending on the moisture changes. A void can then appear, leading to your driveway starting to sink or crack. There are two options on how to repair the damaged driveway. The first is to demolish the driveway and pour a new one. This solution can cost you thousands of dollars and will take excessive time. The second option is to use PolyRenewal, which will cost you a lot less. With this system, we can raise the driveway and get it back into place within a few hours. If your driveway needs to be repaired, contact the experts at our Lincoln concrete restoration company.


Leveling your concrete driveway before any substantial cracks form is important because the driveway is such a sizable slab of concrete. We want to prevent any more damage from occurring. Our Lincoln driveway repair and concrete restoration company performs a leveling job by injecting a polyurethane mixture below the concrete. This mixture will then fill all of the gaps below your driveway, raising it to its original position where the driveway will be level and adequately supported. By using the PolyRenewal technique, we avoid replacing the entire slab and save you a large chunk of money.


If you notice your driveway sinking or cracking, do not wait until there is more harm done. Contact our Lincoln driveway repair and concrete restoration company today to get your driveway leveled and back into its correct position.