Our proven system for concrete raising helps Kearney homeowners restore their cracked or settling pool decks. The pool deck is the concrete path that is poured around the entire pool, creating a convenient walkway and place to put chairs, tables, etc. However, the support for your pool deck may start to give out in as little as 10 years, due to the backfill settling quicker than fresh soil. Often, the backfill material surrounding your pool is not compacted adequately to prevent any damage to your pool deck over time. Voids will be created as this soil settles, causing sinking and cracking of the deck. If you realize your pool deck is in need of repairs, call CLS and we will provide your Kearney property with quality concrete raising services.

The polyjacking methods we use at CLS are advanced and assist our pool deck leveling and repair services in Kearney.


  • Sloping - If your pool deck seems to be sloping more than a few degrees, the deck is settling and will need to be repaired as the slope has increased over time.
  • Cracks - Even though a small crack in your pool deck does not create an immediate problem, this is still a sign something is wrong. Get this slight problem checked out before it turns into a larger issue.
  • Sinking - When large dips between slabs around the deck begin to form, these are signs of a potential issue that may need repairs.

If you notice any sinking or cracking in your pool deck, call CLS, Kearney's concrete raising experts. We will use our system to properly level your sinking deck to its original position. Contact CLS today if your pool deck is in need of leveling and repair.