WHAT IS PolyRenewal™?

We offer Kearney PolyRenewal™ services that are often used to repair sinking, cracked, or settling concrete slabs in areas such as driveways or patios. It is the procedure of pumping a polyurethane expanding foam under a sinking or cracked concrete slab that is able to lift the slab back into place. The foam that is used is inorganic, allowing it to not break down. This way, the concrete we are working on will not sink back into place or escape over time.

PolyRenewal™ is mostly used on sidewalks, patios, driveways, basement and garage floors, steps, and even pool decks. Anywhere where there are concrete slabs, we will repair these areas like new.

At CLS, we are confident that our Kearney concrete repair team will be able to make a permanent fix to your settling concrete. Our experts have completed a multitude of these services using PolyRenewal™ and polyurethane foam, so we are a highly experienced team ready to take on your project as well.

grid patter on exterior wall for basement repair
foam jacking under foundation


Once our Kearney concrete repair team arrives at the jobsite, the following steps are taken to ensure a smooth service:

  1. We will first clean the surface of the concrete that is impaired. This prevents any debris or dirt from getting in the way of our repair. We want to do a quality job, and will take the steps to do so.
  2. Small holes will then be drilled into the surface of the concrete.
  3. Our team will then begin to inject the Polyurethane foam into those holes.
  4. As the foam expands into the cavity, the concrete will begin to rise evenly.
  5. To complete our PolyRenewal services, we will lastly patch the drill hole once the slab is lifted and even.


Polyjacking is an incredibly effective and efficient method to repair concrete. The foam will not break down after expanding completely, increasing the longevity of our Kearney concrete repair work. The process of PolyRenewal is very practical when it comes to costs, and is quick for our experts to execute. 

If you are needing Kearney PolyRenewal services, contact our team at CLS today. We will give you a free estimate for your repair and get you the information you need to get started!