The foundation walls in your basement serve two purposes: to keep your basement free of the surrounding soil, and to hold up the structure above. If you have bowed or buckling basement walls, then both of those functions can be compromised which can lead to much bigger problems and potentially expensive damage to your home. As water mixes with the soil when it rains and it pools up against your basement walls, it creates what is known as hydro-static pressure. This pressure pushes in on your basement walls and, over time, can cause them to buckle or bow inward. As this pressure increases and the walls bow more and more, they can eventually collapse.

The experts at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing understand this is a very serious problem and have the correct tools and knowledge to perform bowing and buckling wall repair and correct the problem before it causes expensive damage to your Omaha home.

Wall anchor 3D cutout


In order to properly repair an Omaha bowing or buckling basement wall, we will install what is known as wall anchors. The wall anchors consist of 3 components: the first is the internal wall plate, second is the exterior earth plate and the third is the threaded rod to connect the two plates. We start by driving a long steel rod into the ground through a hole we drill in your foundation wall. The external plate is installed by digging a small hole to confirm the connectivity of the plate to the threaded rod and locking rod end. The wall anchors will provide stabilization of the affected wall, with the opportunity to straighten over time. Ask our foundation repair experts for more details.

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In addition to our Omaha bowed or buckling wall repair services, we offer permanent foundation repair services, total basement waterproofing systems, and crawl space repair services. Please visit their respective pages for more information.

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