A bowed or buckling wall in your basement is not something that you should ignore. In fact, it’s a warning sign that larger, more catastrophic damage could occur if left unaddressed. The foundational walls are very important to the structure of your home as they provide support while also creating a barrier to keep out surrounding soil. When water mixes with that soil, hydrostatic pressure starts to build up and push against your basement walls. Over time, this pressure is what causes buckling and an inward bow, and if left too long, could eventually cause the walls to cave in. 

No need to worry, that’s where we step in. Our Grand Island bowed and buckling wall repair experts are equipped with years of experience and the tools necessary to repair your walls before it’s too late. Call CLS Foundation Repair and Waterproofing today for a free inspection of your Grand Island home!

newly installed wall anchors


Fortunately, we can fix your bowed or buckling wall problems through our our Grand Island basement wall anchor installation services. Though wall anchors don’t sound like much, they are actually very complex devices and rightfully so, since their purpose is to help strengthen your walls—a key component to the foundation of your home. There are three main parts that make up a wall anchor: the internal wall plate, exterior earth plate, and the threaded rod, which connects the two plates together. All three components of our basement wall anchors work together to give stability and strength to the affected wall, and over time, you will start to see your wall straightening out. 

Call CLS Foundation Repair and Waterproofing for more information regarding how our Grand Island bowed and buckling wall repair services could save your home!

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In addition to our Grand Island bowed or buckling wall repair services, we offer permanent foundation repair services, total basement waterproofing systems, and crawl space repair services. Please visit their respective pages for more information.

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