Installed Crawl Space Encapsulation System

At CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we know the best thing to do for crawl space repair in Omaha is to properly seal the space against the elements and unwanted pests to create a healthy environment under your home. Plus, an encapsulated crawl space adds square footage of storage space in an area that was previously unusable!

In order to completely seal your crawl space, our team will complete a comprehensive evaluation and gauge the specifics of the situation so our team can design the best-possible repair system for the problems you’re seeing.

encapsulated crawl space

Crawl Space Encapsulation

The crawl space below a home is generally not a part of the house that warrants much attention. As a result of this, it can sometimes be a source of problems that affect the entire house. There was a time when home builders ensured the crawl space was kept ventilated to allow fresh air to circulate freely below the home. We now know this can cause a plethora of issues, from critters making homes in the space to high humidity having and even pooling, sitting water. Our encapsulation process seals your crawl space from the outside to ensure nature stays out and clean, dry air stays in.

Crawl space supports 3d cutout

Crawl Space Stabilization

If joists and beams in your crawl space are sagging severely, stabilizing jacks can be a great way to steady your main floors. By replacing the old, wooden columns with a system of steel crawl space stabilizers and jacks, CLS can restore your main floor and make it level once more. These are often used in conjunction with a full basement encapsulation system to ensure your crawl space remains stable and usable well into the future.

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If you’ve noticed sagging floors, excessive humidity, or any of the other common symptoms of crawl space problems, the team at CLS has solutions to take care of your home. Call our office or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection of your crawl space today!