When you have a pool put in, there is generally a path poured around the whole pool. This is the pool deck. Very often, the backfill material around the pool is not compacted sufficiently to prevent future damage to the deck. The backfill will settle faster than virgin soil and this means the support for your pool deck can start to give out in as little as 10 years. As the soil settles over time, voids are created that will cause the deck to sink and ultimately crack. CLS provides Omaha concrete raising services, for when your pool deck needs immediate repairs.

Our PolyRenewal methods are state of the art and can aid in our Omaha pool deck leveling and repair services.


  • Sloping - If the deck is sloping more than a few degrees, the slope has increased over time. This tells you the deck is settling and needs to be repaired.
  • Cracks - While small cracks do not indicate a bad problem, they could be a signal that something is not correct. Better to get the problem fixed before it escalates.
  • Sinking - If you're noticing large dips between slabs around the deck, these are clear signs of a problem. If there is enough dip to trip over, you are in need of repairs.

If you notice any signs of sinking or if you see cracks in your pool deck, we can use our Omaha concrete raising system to restore the deck to the proper height and slope. Please contact us today if you've got any questions or want to get started with repairing your pool deck.