When your concrete patio was poured, it was level and solid. Over time, varying levels of moisture in the soil can cause it to expand and contract. This change in moisture can create voids under the patio slab which the concrete can sink into and eventually cause cracks or make the patio uneven.

Nobody wants to have an unsightly patio that is cracked and sloping to one side or even noticeably sinking. We have a process of Omaha concrete patio raising and lifting that can restore your concrete patio to the correct height and level.


Our polyjacking method can level your patio in a matter of hours. This a very cost effective alternative to completely replacing the entire slab to achieve the same result. Our Omaha concrete patio raising and lifting process is done by injecting our polyurethane foam into the void below the sinking patio and carefully returning it to the original position.

If your concrete patio is sinking into the ground or starting to crack and settle, let our team come out and get it leveled and back where it belongs. Contact us online today  for our Omaha sinking patio repair services.