The garage floor is a large slab of concrete. This means that over time it is very susceptible to sinking and possibly cracking. The soil under your garage floor can shift over the years, shrinking and expanding, causing voids to form which the slab will start to sink into. This sinking is what causes the floor to have low spots or even cracks. You may also notice gaps under your garage door which will allow air and water to pass under the door. Contact our garage floor lifting experts in Omaha before it gets worse!

If you allow the damage to your garage floor to stay or even get worse over time, it can create hazards to anyone walking. Large cracks will not get any better over time and can accelerate the damage by allowing excess moisture to continue eroding the soil below.


Having a cracked and sinking garage floor can be both dangerous and embarrassing. Let our Omaha garage floor leveling team come out and evaluate your floor. If it requires concrete raising, then we can implement our tried and true method of PolyRenewal to restore the flooring to its original safe and level state.

If you have any questions about our garage floor lifting services in Omaha, please contact us today and we'll be more than happy to help you.