Concrete Raising

Over time, as rain and melting snow soak into the soil it will expand and contract. This can cause the concrete on top of the soil to move and shift around. The shifting concrete can eventually settle into voids created through this process and ultimately create cracks in slabs or gaps between slabs. Uneven flooring and sloping can also occur over time. At CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we provide Omaha concrete leveling to ensure the safety of your home or business.

Why is my concrete settling?

There are many factors and conditions that can contribute to settling concrete. Some reasons could be drastic changes in the moisture content of the soil from weather or a plumbing leak, or an extended period of dry weather causing the soil to become depleted of moisture and contract.

Moisture Levels

As the moisture level in your soil is fluctuating over time, it can cause the concrete sitting on top of that soil to become damaged. If the soil is saturated due to poor drainage, this moisture will cause the soil to become weak and no longer be able to support the concrete. Conversely, if there is too little moisture in the soil, it will contract and cause soil shrinkage.

Improper Compaction

When soil has been removed and replaced, it is necessary that it is compacted to the original density as when it was removed. If the soil is not properly compacted, it can speed up the creation of voids under any concrete poured above. These voids will put unnecessary stress on the slab and cause cracks over time.

Soil Shrinkage

If the weather is hot and dry for extended periods of time, it will cause soil shrinkage. As the soil dries out, it will create voids under your concrete. Over time, these voids put pressure and stress on the concrete slab that will eventually cause it to crack.

Where does concrete need to be leveled?

Anywhere there is soil below your concrete, you could be in danger of needing concrete leveling. These are the main areas that we've seen both business and residential property owners needing our Omaha concrete leveling services:

Our Solution: Polyjacking

The ideal alternative to removing and replacing your cracked or sinking concrete is polyjacking.

Our Omaha concrete leveling utilizes a relatively new advancement, the use of polyurethane foam to lift and repair these damaged slabs back to their intended position. Historically a process called mudjacking has been used to do this same procedure. The advantage that polyjacking has over mudjacking is the polyurethane foam will expand to fill the void and harden to permanently restore the concrete in position.

If you're in need of concrete leveling, or the assistance of one of our Omaha garage floor resurfacing conctractors, then contact us today for an estimate.