Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions

There are a number of Omaha basement waterproofing solutions that can be installed to help mitigate water intrusion in your basement. We use a variety of products and systems created by SafeBasements™ to both capture and remove all the water that enters your home.

The products include collection systems that work at cove joints and basement edges to capture water, urethane injection products to seal smaller holes and cracks in the walls, and high-quality sump pumps to remove the water from your home once it is collected.

waterproofing solutions drawing

Drainage Systems and Products

Drain tile systems, also known as footing tile systems, are a common solution for basement water problems. 

Crack/Hole Sealing

Cracks and holes are common entry points for water, and properly sealing them will help mitigate basement moisture.

Sump Pumps

For basements that take in a lot of water during rainy seasons, a sump pump system may be necessary to fully alleviate the problem.

Additional Services

Check out our additional services, including crawl space repair, foundation repair, and commercial solutions.

Contact CLS for Your Waterproofing Project

Families in Omaha and the surrounding areas can trust the proven products, expertise, and integrity of the team at CLS. If you’ve noticed excess moisture in your basement, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a free inspection!