Concrete Lifting in Spencer

Due to the nature of weather patterns, soil conditions, and moisture variance throughout the Midwest, concrete can become damaged fairly easily. What starts as one sinking corner of a slab can easily become one or more large cracks and, eventually, an entire expanse of failed concrete in your driveway, sidewalk, basement, or garage. Old methods of concrete leveling are moderately successful, but they’re often a temporary solution. Mudjacking, for example, uses a heavy slurry of concrete and mud which can actually put more weight on the supporting soils below your slab, compact it, and cause further settlement. Our concrete leveling specialists in Spencer use the most innovative PolyRenewal and soil stabilization technologies available. Our solutions will lift the sinking concrete without the addition of extra weight and pressure on the already compromised soil.

Our Polyjacking Process

Polyjacking is actually a process that’s extremely similar to the traditional method of mudjacking. Both methods involve drilling small holes in the settled slab and injecting a product below the surface of the concrete to help create lift. The difference lies in the product that’s being injected.

Where mudjacking uses a heavy concrete mixture that can lead to further compaction of the soil and additional settlement down the line, our Spencer concrete leveling experts use PolyRenewal, which deploys a lightweight polyurethane foam to create lift. Because it’s more than 10 times lighter than the substance used for mudjacking, the foam won’t cause the existing soil to compact. Plus, it expands and hardens below the surface upon injection. This allows our soil stabilization and polyjacking contractors in Spencer to continuously inject the product and watch the slab to decide when the right amount of lift has been achieved. Then, we fill the holes that were drilled and wait for the product to harden, and you can use your slab in as little as 30 minutes after we leave!

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