Sump Pump Systems

In order to protect your home from basement flooding and water damage, you need a sump pump system. Sump pumps collect and remove water that may accumulate in your basement, via your drain tiles. Here at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we proudly use the SafeDri™ sump pumps, and our crews have completed hundreds of sump pump installations in the Sioux Falls area. These systems are made here in the USA and can handle even the toughest conditions, keeping your basement clean and dry no matter what. We always recommend installing these systems with a backup battery, as this will allow your sump pump to continue working even through power outages, heavy rains, and severe storms. A professionally installed sump pump from CLS is your best bet to prevent water damage in your basement.

How to Know if Your Basement Needs a Sump Pump

Not sure if your home really needs a sump pump? If any of these apply to you, then the answer is yes! Give CLS a call and ask about our Sioux Falls sump pump installation services if any of the following apply to you:  

  • You notice water intrusion on a seasonal basis, with flooding after summer rains or spring melts.
  • You recently finished your basement and want to protect your investment with professional basement waterproofing.
  • Your home sits in a floodplain, valley, or low-lying area. You are more susceptible to water intrusion.
  • Your basement floods regularly or has in the past. You notice this as seeping wall cracks, puddles, or wet spots on the concrete.

Sump Pump Installation in Sioux Falls

CLS is proud to offer the best basement waterproofing system in Sioux Falls. We’ll come out and inspect your home and determine if you’d be a good candidate for a sump pump system. If so, we’ll get it installed fast, with our professional drain tiles and SafeDri™ sump pump/basin system. As the basin fills up with water, it automatically turns on the pump to safely remove water from your home.

Contact CLS for Basement Waterproofing Services Today

Protect your home from basement flooding and water damage by calling CLS and asking us about our sump pump installations in Sioux Falls. Fill out our online form or call (605) 349-3244 to get started. We look forward to taking care of you and your home!