Is your Sioux Falls driveway in need of repair? Have you noticed any big cracks, or that one end is higher than the other? Are you always tripping on that step into your garage? It’s time to give us a call at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing! We are your Sioux Falls concrete leveling experts, and our team can raise, repair, and level your driveway with ease, using the best and most cost-effective solutions on the market.

It’s normal for concrete driveways to settle or shift over time, and this is thanks to the fluctuations in moisture in the soil underneath. As the soil contracts and expands, it creates air pockets and uneven support, and this can show up as a tilting, cracking, or sinking driveway. Repairing driveway damage often comes down to two main options. Traditionally, you could tear up the driveway and simply pour a new one, but this can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, CLS uses an innovative technique called polyjacking or foam jacking, with a waterproof polyurethane foam that expands and levels your driveway with ease. You can trust our Sioux Falls driveway repair team to fix you up in no time.


Because your driveway is a large slab of concrete, and one that must support the weight of moving cars on a regular basis, it’s important that it’s smooth and level. If it’s not, it leads to cracks and damage! But you can count on us at CLS to help. Using polyurethane foam leveling technology, our Sioux Falls driveway repair team can get your concrete slab back to its ideal position, while also filling in gaps in the underlying soil for permanent stabilization. This method is a perfect alternative to driveway replacement, and is faster and cheaper too!


If your driveway is sinking, tilting, or cracking, don’t wait until the problems get worse. Call CLS today and ask us about our concrete leveling and driveway repair services in Sioux Falls. Schedule your free inspection to get started.