When your driveway is cracking or sinking, don’t delay. Give us a call at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, your local driveway repair team in Sioux Falls. If you are tired of driving over those bumps or tripping over the garage steps, we can help. Our crew can lift, level, and restore your concrete to its former glory, boosting your home’s safety and its curb appeal. 

It is very common to experience wear and tear to your driveway over the years. This is due to what is happening to the soil underneath. As moisture levels go up and down, the soil expands and contracts. Heavy wet soil is soft and weak, while dry soil is light and crumbly, and neither are good at supporting the heavy weight of a driveway! As the soil changes, it can leave holes, and this can result in your driveway sinking, settling, and cracking. 

To repair a damaged driveway, there are only a couple of choices. You could tear out the existing concrete and pour a new slab, but this is quite expensive and takes a long time. Alternatively, you could use PolyRenewal to easily lift and level the driveway, with no need for demolition—the top choice of our Sioux Falls driveway repair crew!


Driveways have unique needs, thanks to the weight and movement of cars. If the driveway isn’t perfectly level, it can easily crack and degrade over time. Thankfully, the team here at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing can use polyjacking for concrete restoration in Sioux Falls! We simply inject the fast-acting polyurethane foam through small holes in your driveway. As the foam expands, it lifts the concrete, fills in any air holes, and stabilizes the underlying soil. We use polyjacking because it’s cost-effective, quick, and offers a permanent fix.


For any kind of driveway or concrete problems, you can count on our team of Sioux Falls driveway repair and concrete restoration pros. Call CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing today at (605) 349-3244 and ask for your free inspection to get started!