There are two main functions that foundation walls serve. The first is to keep the surrounding soil out of your basement, and the second is to support the structure of the home. If your home has bowed or buckling basement walls, then it cannot serve either of its functions. Not only does this indicate that the walls are not able to provide the support needed, but also if left unaddressed this will cause much bigger issues down the line. Bigger issues equals more expense. At CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we provide Sioux Falls bowed and buckling wall repair services to keep your home safe.

Our expert technicians know what a serious problem bowed and buckling walls can be, which is why we know the best tools for the job. Our goal is to save you money down the road by correcting the problem as early as possible before it causes extensive damage to your home.

newly installed wall anchors


To repair bowed or buckling basement walls, we provide Sioux Falls basement wall anchors. Wall anchors are an effective measure to ensure a permanent fix to the problem. Wall anchors stabilize whichever wall is affected by bowing or buckling, and will prevent further issues of this nature through the use of an internal wall plate, external earth plate, and a threaded rod used to connect the two plates together through the foundation, firmly keeping everything in place.

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We don’t just provide Sioux Falls bowed or buckling wall repair services, but also repair services to address any foundation issue, basement waterproofing, and crawl space repair. 

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