Sump Pump Systems

The best way to collect and remove water accumulation in your basement is through a water control system and sump pump. These systems are essential for protecting your basement against water damage. CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is proud to be your local experts for Sioux City sump pump installation, as we’ve installed hundreds of these in homes throughout the region. We’re proud to use the top brand SafeDri™ sump pumps, made right here in the USA, and we stand behind their durability and reliability, even in tough conditions. When installed with a backup battery, your sump pump will continue running despite heavy rains, storms, and power outages. We always recommend a backup battery with your sump pump system to safeguard your home from flooding and damage.

How to Know if Your Basement Needs a Sump Pump

Are you considering a sump pump installation for your Sioux City home, but you’re not sure if you need one? Pay attention to these signs, and if you notice any or all of them, reach out to us at CLS right away to get started:

  • Your basement is newly finished and you wish to protect your investment with professional waterproofing solutions.
  • Your home is situated on a floodplain, in a valley, or in another poor-drainage area. You’re extra susceptible to water intrusion.
  • You see water intrusion in your basement on a seasonal basis, with moisture getting in during summer rains or spring melts.
  • Your basement has flooded before or floods regularly. You notice this as wet spots, puddles, or seeping cracks in your basement walls.

Sump Pump Installation in Sioux City

CLS is here to serve you when you’re looking for the best basement contractors in Sioux City. We’ll come out and inspect your home and determine whether your home is a good candidate for a sump pump. If it is, we’ll get you set up with a new system right away—with professional drain tiles and our SafeDri™ sump pump and basin. When water starts to fill up the basin, your system will turn on automatically, pumping water safely out of your home.

Contact CLS for Basement Waterproofing Services Today

Are you noticing signs of water intrusion in your basement? Want to avoid potential water damage? Get in touch with us today at CLS and ask us about our sump pump installations in Sioux City. Call us at (712) 401-7546 or fill out our online form to get started!