If you’ve been searching for the best concrete repair in Sioux City, you’ve likely come across a few different options. Techniques such as mudjacking, concrete grinding, or slab replacement have been used for many years, and with some success. But here at CLS, we are proud to use the innovative, permanent solution of PolyRenewal. This is an increasingly popular method for concrete repair in Sioux City, and we’ve successfully used it to restore driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool surrounds, and much more!

Sinking, cracking, or settling concrete is a common problem. When the soil underneath a slab starts to erode, thanks to shifting moisture and temperature, it can create air pockets that distribute the weight of the concrete unevenly. As the concrete shifts, it becomes prone to damage and decay.

grid patter on exterior wall for basement repair
foam jacking under foundation

Benefits of Polyjacking

Here at CLS, we utilize polyjacking often in our Sioux City concrete repair work, and for many reasons. Compared to tearing out and replacing your concrete, PolyRenewal has lots of benefits: 

  • Cures quickly—you can walk or drive over your slab in as little as 20 minutes
  • Easily reaches into tiny cracks and gaps under the concrete
  • Ultra-lightweight—no extra strain on the soil, eliminating future settling
  • Totally waterproof and eco-friendly—it won’t break down or leach chemicals 

When your concrete has seen better days, and you want a solution that is fast and permanent, come to CLS and ask us if PolyRenewal is right for you. We’ll gladly come to your home or business and assess your damaged concrete for free—just give us a call or fill out our online form to get started!

What makes polyjacking different?

The polyjacking technique uses a fast-acting polyurethane foam, which is injected through small holes in the concrete slab. Instead of concrete slurry or concrete replacement, this foam offers a quick, clean, and effective way to fill in gaps and lift the slab to its desired position.