Sioux City Drainage System

When you are looking for a Sioux City drainage system company, look no further than CLS. A flood or leak can oftentimes cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Luckily, there are preventive systems that you can put in place within your home so that if these situations do arise, damage can be avoided. Here at CLS, we recommend a drain tile system which is specially designed to redirect water that enters your basement, back outside. We use drain tile system products from SafeBasement because of their durability through any type of weather. They have proven to be effective by keeping homes dry during the most severe storms or leaks and thus gained recognition as one of the top manufacturers within the basement waterproofing industry.

Along with a drain tile system, a sump pump system can also be installed to provide even more protection from potential leaks. The combination of both systems provides a powerhouse of protection against damage to your home. The SafeEdge™, SafeDrain™, and SafeTrack™ systems are the systems we work with due to their durability, safety, and efficiency. We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality solutions to their Sioux City drainage system needs. 

sump drain diagram

Additional Services

In addition to our basement waterproofing systems and services, we offer permanent foundation repair services, bowed wall repair services, and crawl space repair services.


For more information on our Sioux City drainage system and other basement waterproofing and protection services, give CLS a call today at 402-925-9859 and schedule a free inspection of your space!