Have you noticed big cracks in your concrete driveway? Is one end higher than the other? Are you tired of tripping over that step into your garage? CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing can help! We’re proud to offer the best driveway repair and concrete restoration services in Sioux City, and we can fix any kind of concrete issue, no matter how big or small. We’re experts in raising concrete slabs, using the most cost-effective and longest-lasting solutions available. 

Thanks to the fluctuations in moisture, the soil underneath your driveway will expand and contract over time. This leads to pockets of air, which can result in concrete settling or shifting, and cause cracks or tilting of your driveway. When it comes to driveway repair options in Sioux City, there are only a couple to choose from. The traditional method would be to tear up the driveway and pour a new one, which takes many hours and can set you back thousands of dollars. The other option is something called PolyRenewal, or foam jacking, which uses a waterproof expanding polyurethane foam to re-level your driveway quickly and easily. Our driveway repair and concrete restoration company in Sioux City can get you all squared away in no time.


Your driveway is not only a large piece of concrete, but it also has to support the weight of moving cars day after day. Because of its purpose, your driveway needs to be as smooth and level as possible to prevent cracks and damage. Thankfully, CLS is here to help. Our Sioux City driveway repair and concrete restoration company uses an innovative polyurethane foam leveling technology, which can easily fill any gaps under the concrete, stabilize the soil, and lift the slab back to its ideal position. This is a great alternative to demolishing and replacing the entire driveway, and offers a permanent solution to sinking and settling.


Don’t trip on those driveway cracks another day! Give CLS a call today and ask us about our driveway repair and concrete leveling services in Sioux City. We offer free inspections, so you’ve got nothing to lose.