Has your driveway seen better days? Is it sinking or tilting? Are you tired of tripping over cracks? It’s time to call your local driveway repair experts in Sioux City! Here at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we can lift, level, and restore your driveway with ease. Don’t put up with the damage any longer—let us give your property the facelift it deserves.

Most driveways will wear out over time, and this is quite normal. When moisture fluctuates, the soil under your driveway expands and contracts, changing the environment under the slab. When soil takes on a lot of water, it gets soft and heavy, and when it’s too dry, it shrinks and crumbles. As months go on and seasons change, the soil weakens and air pockets form. This results in uneven distribution of the concrete’s weight, leading to settling and cracking.

When it comes to driveway repair in Sioux City, there are a couple of options. One would be to tear out the existing driveway and pour a new one, but this is typically quite costly and labor intensive. The other option would be PolyRenewal, which we use here at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, a quick and easy method for lifting and leveling your driveway that’s done in a few hours.


Because your driveway needs to hold up to the heavy weight of cars on it every day, it’s extra important that it’s level. When it’s not, it’s susceptible to cracks and damage. Polyjacking is a great way to repair many types of concrete issues, using a polyurethane foam mixture that’s injected through small holes. As the foam expands, it fills any voids and gently lifts the slab back to a good position, while stabilizing the soil underneath. Our Sioux City driveway repair crew uses polyjacking for a cost-effective, permanent alternative to total slab replacement.


Don’t wait until the cracking and sinking become worse! Call CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing at 712-215-6793 and ask us about our polyjacking driveway repair services. Reach out and request your free inspection today!