When you notice the signs of foundation settlement, the first question homeowners ask is “How did this happen?” While there are a few reasons, it all comes down to two major factors: soil erosion and soil compaction.

As a leading Lincoln foundation settlement repair company, we understand the necessity of a strong foundation as well as the variety of problems that can happen with your foundation. The team at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is trained to carefully investigate your foundation and ensure we've got the best repair procedure in place. We will thoroughly explain both the problem and solution before we start any work so you know what we will be doing. You may be asking yourself; what type of problems can your foundation have?


When your foundation was initially poured or built, the soil beneath it was supportive and helped uphold your home. Years of rainstorms and winter melting allows water to saturate this soil and wash it out from underneath your home. Then, during summer months, the soils that are left dry out and compact, leaving your foundation unsupported and prone to shifting and sinking. Both of these factors will eventually lead you toward necessary foundation repairs.

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Warning Signs

If you’re wondering whether or not your home is suffering from foundation problems or another issue entirely, there are a few common symptoms you can look for when making a determination if you need sinking foundation repair services in Lincoln. Some of the most common signs of foundation problems include:

  • Obvious sinking of one or more wall
  • Exterior or interior wall cracks
  • Doors and windows hard to open or close
  • Bowing walls in the basement
  • Chimney leaning or pulling away from the house


Our Lincoln foundation settlement experts install push piers and helical piers to remedy shifting foundations. Push piers are inserted using a hydraulic press. They reach all the way down to the bedrock beneath your home, taking on the majority of its weight to stave off further movement. These work best in situations where soil is soft and will likely never have the capacity to hold your home’s weight again.

Helical piers accomplish the same job, just a little differently. They’re manufactured with a large screw-shaped head and are installed by drilling them down into the ground. They don’t need to penetrate as far as push piers, but still support the weight of your home in the same way push piers do.

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