Your basement’s foundation walls have two main jobs: to keep surrounding soil out of your basement, and to hold the weight of the structure that rests on it. If you have noticed your foundation walls beginning to buckle or bow then the support system has been compromised. This can ultimately lead to expensive repairs and property damage. The professionals at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing know that a problem of this magnitude requires the right knowledge and tools to complete bowing and buckling wall repair before more damage is caused to your home.

newly installed wall anchors


To correctly repair walls, CLS Foundations of Lincoln installs and repairs basement wall anchors. These anchors are made up of three different parts: an internal wall plate, an exterior earth plate, and a threaded rod that connects the two plates together. The process begins with driving a steel rod into the ground through a hole, which we drill into the wall of your foundation. We install the external plate, and confirm its connection to the threaded road and locking rod end. Our wall anchor solutions are an effective way to stabilize your compromised wall and will actually work to give strength to it as time passes. If your home in Lincoln has bowed and buckling wall repair needs, CLS can help you!

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We also provide permanent foundation repair services, crawl space repair services, and complete basement waterproofing systems in addition to our Lincoln bowed or buckling wall repair services. Please go to the corresponding service pages for more information on the great products and services that we offer.

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