Is your driveway cracking? Is one end of your driveway higher than the other, inevitably making the cracks worse? Is the step to your garage rising up enough to become a safety hazard that’s far too easy to trip over? CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is here to help, and our company knows a thing or two about concrete raising—we are a Kearney driveway repair and restoration company with years of experience serving our community. 

Over time, the soil under your driveway shrinks and expands with changing weather and the increase/decrease of moisture. This causes voids to form, and eventually, these gaps lead to cracks in the driveway and possible sinking (usually on one end more than the other). There are only a few ways to repair this problem—one option is to tear up the driveway and pour a new one entirely, which can cost thousands of dollars and many hours of labor. The more cost-effective alternative is to use PolyRenewal to raise the driveway back into place, which can be completed in a matter of hours. At CLS Foundation, we are proud to offer Kearney driveway repair services for your home’s needs.


Because your driveway is a large slab of concrete, it is important to make sure it’s leveled properly to avoid large cracks from forming. Our Kearney driveway repair and restoration company injects a polyurethane mixture below the slab to steadily fill the gaps and holes beneath it (called polyjacking), lifting the driveway back to its original position. Once the PolyRenewal is completed, the driveway will be level and properly supported again—this is a far more affordable and time-saving alternative to replacing your whole driveway!


Don't let your concrete driveway keep cracking and sinking into the ground. Contact us today and let our Kearney driveway repair and restoration company get it leveled, crack-free, and back where it belongs—we guarantee it’s a worthwhile investment!