Whether you've got a damp crawl space following a big storm or during the spring thaw if you've noticed a crack in your foundation starting to form, our team is here to help. CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is a team of experienced professionals who will take a look at the situation you've got and then assist you to determine the ideal options to fix the problem for good and even keep the issue from returning. Our experts service the entire Kearney area.

It is very important that once you find a problem with your crawl space, foundation, or basement that you get in touch with a trusted repair company. We say this due to there are some additional issues that can accompany these issues such as mold, weakened structure, and even permanent foundation damage. If you require our basement waterproofing products to prevent water from entering your home, foundation repair products to stop cracks from growing in the foundation, or crawl space services to control mold growth in the crawl space, or even our bowing foundation wall repair services to repair your bowing foundation walls, our professionals are here to help you.


If there is stagnant water in the basement following a heavy rain, it is never good. If this water is not controlled, it can prevent you from having the ability to store items in the area and even keep you from being able to fully use the space. Excess water and humidity can also cause mold and mildew to grow which can in the future be a cause of health problems. If you've seen standing water in your basement, you should get in touch with us so a member of our team can evaluate the leaking and help create a basement waterproofing system which can stop water coming in and prevent unnecessary damage from occurring. This can stop the growth of mold and also make it so you can be able to turn the basement into usable storage space, a media room, or even an extra bedroom.

waterproofing solutions drawing
how wall anchors work


Bowing basement or foundation walls are a minor problem that can quickly become very serious. The purpose of your basement walls is to both keep the soil out and hold up the home above. When the basement walls are pushing inward, this is an indicator that they may not be able to support the building much more. If the problem keeps happening, it is possible for the walls to fail and result in a very expensive replacement or rebuilding of the basement wall in that location. The worst case scenario is the home above could collapse. To fix bowing foundation walls, we uses a system of wall anchors to straighten the problem wall back into place and prevent it from bowing any longer. These anchors can be expertly installed in a day and can correct the bowing basement wall once installed. After the wall has been straightened, the probability of it becoming a problem again are very low.


If your home has a crawl space, it is likely a part of the home that you will only go to when there is a noticeable problem. This is probably because they are normally poorly sealed off and are regularly unkempt, dirty, and can have critters inhabiting them. They are known for having humidity issues that can cause problems with the floor joists and even cause mold to grow. Our team knows one of the best ways to prevent issues in crawl spaces is to encapsulate them and close them off from the weather. This will control unnecessary moisture and humidity in addition to preventing unwanted pests from getting in. If your floors above the crawl space are sagging, we will install a system of jacks to lift and stabilize the floor joists and restore the sinking floor. To further prevent excess moisture, we will install a specialized dehumidifier to remove the extra humidity and prevent the growth of mold.

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If there are cracks in the foundation or if you're noticing them at the corners of your window frames or doors, this is an indicator that there are problems with the foundation and you may be in need of foundation repair. One of the other signs could be the doors or windows will be difficult to open or close or even not moving when opening them. Foundation problems are fairly common in the Kearney area due to the moisture levels of the soil go up and down throughout the year. These issues are sometimes caused by improper soil compaction when your home was being built. Our team can install a piering system under your house which will shift the load of the home to the piers and keep the house from sinking or settling in the future.


If you have has any type of crawl space issue, please don't hesitate to visit our contact us page.