Foundation Problems Cause Other Home Issues

It is crucial that you remain aware of telltale signs that your foundation may be in trouble because it can happen without notice and can lead to much more serious problems for your home. Though you may not see your foundation sinking or improperly settling, there are many indicators that you can be on the lookout for. If you see any of the following symptoms, you are likely to catch the issue early, save yourself from having to pay a large sum in repairs, and prevent future destructive damage.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

When you see any of the following common signs of foundation problems, be sure to call CLS immediately. Our foundation inspection and repair experts in Grand Island are available to come out for a free inspection and diagnosis of the issues at hand. We will also give you a course of action as to what should be done to stabilize your foundation. Some symptoms to be on the lookout for are:

  • Bowing foundation walls
  • Chimney leaning or pulling away from the house
  • Doors and windows that are hard to open or close
  • Exterior or interior foundation wall cracks
  • Obvious sinking of one or more wall
  • Uneven floors

Each of these symptoms can happen independently and don’t all have to occur for there to be an issue at hand. If you notice even just one of these symptoms, it is time to call CLS to come out for a free inspection. Our foundation inspection and repair experts happily serve Grand Island as well as surrounding areas. The earlier we can catch foundation problems, the sooner we can minimize costly damages to your home. 

Solutions for Settling Foundations

The most common and effective solution for sinking foundations is foundation piers. Our Grand Island foundation inspection and repair team will decide between two types of piers depending on your situation, to install and regain the strength of your foundation. During our home inspection, we will assess the situation as we uncover any issues at hand and decide on which pier would be best. For more information on foundation pier solutions in Grand Island, give us a call today!

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If you think your home or commercial structure is in need of foundation repair services, contact CLS for help. Our Grand Island foundation inspection team will happily conduct a free inspection of your residential or commercial space and help you figure out what’s best for the long life of your foundation.