The foundation is everything. At CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we understand that the home relies on the integrity of a solid foundation. We promise to keep your home safe by repairing any foundation issues and hold ourselves to the highest of industry standards. There are many reasons why the foundation can become jeopardized. For example, soil conditions can be prone to alterations due to seasonal changes and moisture content, which can create Grand Island foundation settlement or sinking issues. Home renovations can also change the efficacy of the foundation. Regardless of how the problem came to be, or whether your foundation requires helical or push piers, CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing will get you back on solid ground.

Some common symptoms of Grand Island foundation settlement or sinking issues might be cracks in the wall (either interior or exterior), leaks, moisture in your crawl space or basement, floors becoming uneven, or the chimney cracking, or tilting. CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing will inspect the areas of your home where soil changes may prove problematic to the foundation, and will address any issues that might be found, so that you can rest assured that your home will be safe and secure for many years to come.

Warning Signs

Signs that your foundation is in need of attention include:

  • Visible cracks in basement walls
  • Bowing basement walls
  • Creaking floors
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Sticking windows or doors
  • Tilting or cracked chimney
  • Separating trim or molding

Contact Us

While our team has a great deal of experience in identifying and repairing Grand Island foundation settlement and sinking issues, we do not take for granted that each problem might have a different best-practice solution, depending on the individual building. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but choose to approach each case as its own, to give our clients the very best service. Contact our Grand Island foundation settlement and sinking experts today to get started on your custom solution!