CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is proud to be your trusted driveway repair experts in Grand Island, and we can restore your driveway to its original glory. Have you noticed your driveway sinking, settling, or cracking? Are you tired of tripping over your garage steps or driving over bumps? It’s time to give us a call. Our crew in Grand Island can repair your driveway quickly and permanently. 

It’s common for driveways to break down over time, and this is due to the conditions of the soil underneath the slab. With fluctuations in moisture, the soil contracts and expands, slowly weakening its load-bearing abilities. Wet soil expands, becoming soft and heavy, while dry soil shrinks, becoming crumbly. Neither are great for supporting your driveway! After enough wet-dry cycles, air pockets form under the slab, leading to sinking and cracks.

When considering driveway repair in Grand Island, there are only a couple methods to choose from. One: Tear out the entire existing slab and pour a new one, potentially taking several days and costing thousands. Or, two: Call CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for PolyRenewal services, and have a lifted, leveled driveway within a few hours of the start of your job.


Because of the unique stress placed on a driveway, with the weight of vehicles, it’s vital that the slab is level. When it’s off, the stress can lead to cracks and decay. Thankfully, our crew of driveway repair and concrete restoration experts in Grand Island can use a fast-drying polyurethane foam to safely lift and level your driveway. This foam is injected through tiny holes in the slab, and expands underneath to fill voids and gently move it to the correct position. We use polyjacking here at CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing because it’s a fast, permanent, and cost-effective fix.


Stop settling for a tripping hazard of a driveway, and come to CLS Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for your Grand Island concrete repair needs. Call us at (402) 538-8828 for a free inspection today and get a quote for our PolyRenewal services!